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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Cultivators of student entrepreneurship!

Student debt is dampening risk-taking among the youngsters, leading to the creation of fewer student-led startups. Here is a team of ten young, high-minded entrepreneurs founded by Kartik Arora (20), a resident of Palam Vihar, which works to uproot this problem. 

There was a time when most people used to enroll in college in order to receive the third level education or have better job opportunities in near future. But today, more and more people take up higher education to create their own dream careers largely through entrepreneurship. 

It has been noticed that more undergraduate business students than ever before are now dedicated to launching startups right after graduation or sometimes while still at school. During the process, one of the most disturbing aberrations that they have to face initially is that of funds which apparently and consequently blurs their focus. Due to this, numerous students unfortunately fail to experience the taste of success. This is where the noble ten’s web designing company, ‘biZZare Creations’ decided to take a stand and set encouragement and nourishment of students’ as well as small and medium enterprises as its prime focus.

Kartik is a stirring and passionate student entrepreneur. “All of it began in the summer of 2011 when I was barely an eighteen year old. It was the time when I had just taken my class 12 CBSE board examinations from Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok and could see unoccupied 4 months ahead. This is when I thought is the perfect stage to give a kick to my dream as there were no liabilities”, says Kartik. biZZare, which was once run single-handedly, is now a team of ten magnanimous people all of whom are students at Shiv Nadar University but one.

Throughout their journey, all ten of them got inspired by many, and the story of Suhas Gopinath (founder Globals Inc.) who started his company at a tender age of 14 has been one of the greatest inspirations for them. While telling about the initial motive behind starting up with such a venture Kartik says, “The reason ‘biZZare’ was founded is because I couldn’t digest the amount that was being charged by other web designing companies and the lack of quality designs. Hence, I came up with the idea of starting up with something like this so as to serve the SMEs in India. Since most of India’s SMEs do not even have a website, the idea was to bring these companies online at a very minimal cost.”

The team generates the revenue by providing web solutions, consulting, mobile app development, graphic designing to companies and startups. The majority revenue comes from their international clientage. It is the same profits that help them provide free web services to the less fortunate. “Generating revenue from our Indian clients has never been our priority. It is to serve them finest quality of designs at the minimal price and get them online,” says Shantam D. Mogali, the lead designer at biZZare.

Telling about the experience and lessons that brought the idea of such an exceptional social service to their minds, Kartik says, “As we grew into this business, we met students who wanted to start their own venture but couldn’t give wings to their dream due to funding issues. Since even we had faced the same problem during their incipient stage, we decided to reach out to those who had effulgent ideas and help them grow. Initially we provide free hosting and a domain to kick start the venture. Our motives are altruistic; and we don’t want others to face the problems which we had to face.” 

biZZare is a perfect example of a pure passion-driven students’ venture. It has been featured on Yourstory; Gold Nib Award - Fabulous 14, won Best Student Startup - 1st prize at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. Above all, it has partnered with various corporate sporting events.

This company is serving the students as well as SMEs that are enthusiastic about starting-up their business venture but less fortunate in terms of capital, so that they could grow their business/revenue. It carried out the Studentpreneurship Scheme under which it provides free web service to student startups. Under another scheme, it provides web service at minimal cost to SMEs, the actual cost of which is extremely huge in the market. The team firmly believes that by getting their own business website, these startups could increase their trade by around 50%. “The reason biZZare is able to provide them with such services is perhaps because of the fact that the team itself comprises of a bunch of ten college students who are primarily dedicated to foster student entrepreneurship”, says Kartik.