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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A trophy carries dust, memories last forever

"It's not just about winning, Sports is my passion!" 

Life is often termed as a tug of war, while this gentleman from Mayur Vihar has something else to say. He defines tug of war as his life. Here’s a window to the life of a very versatile sportsperson, Rakesh Tanwar.

Tall, strong, handsome, powerful, intellectual are among the many adjectives that can be used to describe this 21 year old sportsman. This high-flying man amazes everybody with his astounding jumping ability; He’s is in his own class with his incredible strength and intelligence.

He is presently a student of Law at the Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies and has got both, the wits and sportsmanship. “I love to play, play well. For me, sports and studies have always been synonymous with God. With time, I have learnt to balance things and so I have drawn a fine line between the curricular and co-curricular activities,” says Rakesh.

While Tug of War and Volleyball are the two games he excels in, Rakesh has interests in numerous other sports, as well. He, in fact, aspires to have played each and every sport at least once in his life. “Rakesh is a born player. It has been his toddler-hood habit to force me to buy him the kit or equipment of any sport that he would see his seniors or elders playing. I always knew through his high spirits, enthusiasm and immense love for sports, he would definitely do wonders in his life, in this field. And here he is, proving me right!” exclaims Ratan Lal Tanwar, the proud father.

It has been correctly said that for sports fans, sports are the epitome of hard work and dedication. To get to the pinnacle of their sport, even the most naturally gifted athletes have to give it their all.Having been well acquainted with Rakesh, one would definitely count Rakesh among such sportspersons. He dedicates minimum two hours on deliberate practice, and spends at least an hour on exercising, each day. And later, burns the mid-night oil so that he could study and score well.

Rakesh has been an ardent and enthusiastic sportsperson since 12 years now. His journey in sports began with playing Volleyball when he was just a student of class 4. He loved the sport so much that he began practicing hard as well as wholeheartedly at such a tender age. Consequently, he got selected in the school team, played as a team member and made the team win a number of inter-school volleyball championships through his incredible skills. He was the youngest of all team members at school. Despite being the youngest, he acted as a sparkplug for all by playing outstanding volleyball and encouraging his teammates to play their best.Later, he played as a part of the team at the Zonal Level. Above all, in 2007, Rakesh was selected in National Camp for Delhi Volleyball Team, organised by Delhi Government.

It was in 2008 when Rakesh started playing Tug of War at school. The team won a number of gold and silver medals at the State Level. Owing to his exceptional potency and ultimate power, Rakesh was soon selected for being a part of Tug of War Nationals in 2008.

When asked about his hitherto achievements, Rakesh says, “Though I have won a large number of gold as well as silver medals and trophies but it is not just about the metal but memories attached. At the end of the day, you would not cherish that shining metal body lying in your shelf as much as you’d relish the experience and reminiscence.

He is dynamic and known for his all-around skills as a good puller in the game of Tug of War.He has been a part of the National Tug of War Championship winning teams for so many years now.

An alumnus of D.A.V Centenary Public School, Paschim Vihar, Rakesh enrolled himself into the renowned Friends Sports Club of Tug of War in Connaught Place in 2010 and started playing as a part of the club. The greatest of his achievements includes being one of eight members in the Gold winning team at the 2nd South Asian Tug of War Championship organised by TUG OF WAR INDIA in the year 2011 at New Delhi.

Recently, Rakesh got selected to play for the Tug of War International Championship to be held at Bangkok in December this year. “I am super excited for the battle. It will be my third international championship and I am preparing real hard for the same. My father who has always helped me shape my decisions, and two of my teachers at school, namely, Amita Monga and Samsher Singh who have instilled discipline and punctuality in me, inspire me the most,” tells the very zealous player.

If this was not enough, Rakesh has won many interschool solo as well as group singing and dancing competitions. Also, He loves to read, explore and travel. In future, he wants to be an IPS Officer with his favourite sports splashed all over.