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Sunday, 2 February 2014

She's so full of life and imagination...

Welcome to the life of this multi-tasking woman. Amankshi Rawat, a resident of Golf Course, Gurgaon, is an independent young lady blessed with immense talent and amazing skills..

When she was younger, Amankshi used to worry why she hadn't found her 'calling' yet. But after all these years, she's learned that her purpose is multi-faceted, and she loves it that way! Today, she’s a painter, ceramicist, actor, dancer, a marketing professional and what not!

Not all skills are inherited. Quite a few of them are acquired through persistence and hard work. And she has got them all! She was exposed to the rich diversity in arts since toddlerhood. Remembering about the time when she was a little girl, Amankshi tells, “My mother used to tell me about the various different forms of art while she pursued her degree in arts. This instilled in me a deep sense of love for colors and a strong bond with various elements of life. She used to maintain a very stimulating environment, perfect for an aspiring artist.” 

She began to take formal training in painting & sketching when she was in class 5 and continued till the time she completed her schooling. “I lived my passion of painting along with my education & the corporate job of marketing professional for 10+ years,” tells the very zealous Ms. Rawat. It was only in year 2012 that she observed and participated in the pottery making under the guidance of the well-known ceramicist, Rekha Bajpai, who has also always been her mentor. Under her supervision, she re-started her formal training, this time in pottery. This was followed by successful attempt of dancing & theatrical experience in acting & directing.

She’s a graduate in Biotechnology and post graduate in Marketing. About her hitherto experience Amankshi says, “I wasn’t in an art or cultural college, so I wasn't supposed to become an artist, but then, I used to figure out the various possibilities and found that I had the possibilities to go on from that point, to work as an artist. During my pottery making workshop, last year, I understood that more as a description for the possibilities of how you work, how you live and how you bring that together in a more or less concentrated form.”
She believes that art is one’s personal gift to find the true essence of life. And for it, the medium doesn't matter but the intent.

Amankshi believes in working dedicatedly until and unless she attains perfection. This is what has made her earn various accolades. On asked about her participation in different art events, she tells, “I have had achieved various accomplishments & certificates in painting. Also, I had once got selected in collaborative exhibition of paintings in 1999, which was organised by Art & Cultural Society, Bareilly. Recently, I participated in the 18th All India Studio Pottery Exhibition by AIFACS in 2013.” 

This young lady also owns a venture of her own. She describes it as an assortment of creations! Her mission lies in providing new platforms to talented working professionals, amateur artists and passionate individuals from all walks of life.

She is currently working on a pottery group show and is also busy directing and acting in theatre plays at a famous production house. Along with this, she’s working through her venture on ‘Pub Theatre’, a concept to produce re-imagined plays in non-traditional venues. The expected project includes executing an ‘Artist’s Haat’, a flea market and a solo exhibition named ‘Lotus-sutra.’

One great work out of a hundred bad ones, that's inspiration.  Asked about whom she admires, Amankshi tells, “I only owe 3 people something in my life, Rekha Bajpai in ceramics, Saurav Padhi and Mrinal Dhar in theatre”.

Travelling & photography are two of her other hobbies. “Whenever I get an opportunity to visit a new place, whether it is a village, city, mountains or seaside, I try not to miss it. Exploring new places and capturing beautiful moments of life give me immense satisfaction and pleasure. I aspire and wish to learn from every walk of life,” concludes the very lively Amankshi.